Amok Time
spock: captain, I cannot tell you. no outworlder may know. it is the deepest of our secrets, our most guarded ritual, something all vulcans keep silence on. there is just no way I can tell you captain
kirk: spock
spock: okay fine I'll tell you

It truly is a blessing that I’m able to open up any TOS book at a random point and 9/10 find a homo-erotically suggestive Kirk/Spock scene no matter what the theme of the book. 


that one character that you’re like “do i love this character or am i this character?”

"and if i am this character, why hasn’t someone stopped me?”


Kirk in I, Mudd, also known as Kirk looking radiant.


Kirk speaks so much truth alla time omg why can’t reboot be more like this


Star Trek - 4 - The Voyage Home - Blooper Reel ! (x)

Sassy Spock and naughty Kirk.



like srsly I am the most disappointing Australian 

- not tan, not blonde, not a hemsworth brother 

im very good at swearing, drinking and swimming tho